There are not many places a salmon river runs through the center of two cities. Usually the annual salmon catch in the river is between 1.5 and 2 tons, with an average weight of 2-3 kg. The salmon-bearing section managed by Skienselva Elveeierlag is the river from downstream Skotfoss to Torsberg-odden in Porsgrunn, and from Røyvann in the river Bliva to Meierelva. The rivers offer exciting opportunities for deep sea fishing and to catch trout, pike, perch, whitefish and other freshwater fish in addition to salmon and sea trout. If you are out with a boat you should definitely take a trip to Voldsfjorden in the lower part, and to Meierelva and Falkumelva in the upper part of the watercourse. Here you will find many picturesque places in the great nature. All areas require a fishing license.

Fishing is forbidden between 24.00 and 05.00. For more information and to purchase fishing licenses visit our website: www.skienselva.no. Skitt fiske!


It is possible to buy a fishing license on the internet here, but the service is currently only available in Norwegian (language). Get some nice Norwegians to help you! You can also buy a fishing license at one of our outlets. They are located in the area along the watercourse.